Slack user? Try Kipwise to organize, highlight and add notes to your articles 🔖

Still spending hours every week to find good content?

Let Smart Sam alert you relevant contents via Slack automatically!

How It Works

Simply tell Sam which topics you want to monitor.

Sam will monitor and alert you when any post out-performed other posts.

Sam can alert you via Slack or feed them into your Buffer queue automatically.

Why Hire Smart Sam?

Automated Workflow

Just sit back and relax. Let Sam fill up your Buffer queue automatically so you can spend your time on more important tasks.

Highly Relevant Content

Unlike other content curation tool where you can only choose from a set of predefined topics, we allow you to specify your own sources to ensure high quality and relevance.

Smart Content Discovery

Based on your blog selections, Sam can offer smart content suggestion to help you discover new content sources and inspirations more easily.